Brag Packs help brands perform their best.

No matter the service, product, event or idea,
Brag Packs are the perfect method to tell your story to the world.

Expound on
your services

Savvy service providers count on Brag Packs

Bring an undeniable wow-factor to every service provided.
The keyword is UNDENIABLE. Brag Pack visuals are the most effective way to be just that — undeniable.


Recent Brag Packs for Service Providers:

“I Really like them! They are amazing! And Fast!”

Dr. Shan Batiste

Elite Dental Wellness


Show Off
Your Products

Your product videos will be unmatched

Your products should stand out from all of the rest. Period.
Get a huge leg up on the competition by holding your audience longer with the most compelling medium known to man – video. Brag Packs are the way to go.

Recent Brag Packs for Products:

“You all do AMAZING work! I love it!!”

Renee Morris


Uncle Funky’s Daughter

Pack out

Make ‘Standing Room Only’ the norm

It takes more than social media and eventbrite pages to sell out an event. Brag Packs are optimal solutions to paint the full picture of your event to increase ticket sales. Furthermore, using Brag Packs to recap events is a brilliant way to rake in post-event dollars and leverage successes for future events.


Recent Brag Packs for Events:

“Thank you so much, great job!!”

Rabbi Yossi Zaklikofsky

The Shul of Bellaire

Crowd fund
To The Max

Rake in massive funds from the masses

There are two crucial elements to any successful crowd funding campaign — A great idea, and an impeccable video pitch.
Potential backers need to get a clear picture of what they’re about to fund. Get the greatest bang for you buck with a Brag Pack.


Anything Imaginable

Truly engage with your audience

Gain considerably more face time with potential clients, customers, fans  — whatever the case, while shortening your sales cycles.
Customers need more than photos, and words.
They need to be engaged. Take advantage of Brag Packs.

Even More Brag Pack Examples:

The Nuts & Bolts

How does it work?

Brag Pack consists of a single video or multiple videos which combine many complicated elements into one lean, simple solution for the customer. Much of the heavy lifting that traditionally burdens customers are now handled silently in the background by our production team.

The Anatomy of a Brag: Brags consist of sound bites from an interview, photos, footage and action shots to support the sound bites, music to set the correct mood, and a call to action to tell viewers what to do next.

  • Interview

    5 – 30 minutes (varies based on Brag Pack level) of spokesperson answering key questions about their brand.

  • Photos, Footage, & Action Shots

    Visuals aimed to support what is being said in the interview. Adds more validity to their sound bites.

  • Music

    Pre-selected music tells the viewer ‘how to feel’ about what they’re watching. Joy? Fear? Inspiration? Sadness? Most of these emotions are driven by music.

  • Call to Action

    What does the brand want viewers to do? Go to a website? Sign up for an event? Buy a product? Share the video? There are countless options. Be specific and mobilize your audience.

Multiple Durations

Brag Packs consist of individual Brags. These Brags offer so many flexible uses, we can’t name them all. We produce Brags in 3 doses: ½ Minute, 1 Minute & 3 Minute Brags


    Perfect for TV ads, Web Video Ads (i.e. YouTube), Social Media Ads & Posts and Presentations


    Perfect for Social Media Ads & Posts, Blog Stories, Brand Websites, Mass Emails and Presentations


    Perfect for Social Media Ads & Posts, Blog Stories, Brand Websites, Mass Emails and Presentations

In-Studio or

Majority of our clients LOVE to take advantage of our in-studio option which is included in every Brag Pack. Interviews are effortless with this option — backdrops, lights, and cameras are already in place, so there’s no waiting time for you.  Simply show up, sit down, brag about your stuff, and you’re done.

  • In-Studio

    Lights, Camera, Action. Take advantage of our studio included in all Brag Pack levels. Our pro lighting setup makes subjects look amazing.

  • On-Location

    For those who require on-location interviews, we ask for 45 minute setup time and 45 minute break down time at your location.

Our Music. Your Choice.

Select the perfect mood for your Brags. Our constantly growing library of music choices are available at your fingertips.

  • 'Pick By Mood'

    Allows you to quickly find the perfect music track by identifying the right style of music and suggests the perfect tracks for you.

  • We'll pick for you

    A Brag Pack team member will find the perfect score for you based off the information provided to us.

Pay In Installments

Although brands differ in so many ways — market, industry, geographic location, etc, one thing is consistently challenging for all — cashflow management.

Brag Packs can be paid in 2 ways depending upon the Brag Pack’s level: 50/50 Payments (Advanced & Pro Brag Packs) and 33/33/34 Payments (Elite & Epic Brag Packs).

  • 50/50 Payments

    Requires a non-refundable deposit for 50% of the Brag Pack costs before an interview date can be booked. The remaining 50% will be due before the release of your Brag Pack visuals.

  • 33/33/34 Payments

    Requires a non-refundable deposit for 33% of the Brag Pack costs before an interview date can be booked. The next 33% payment will be due before editing begins. The remaining 34% will be due before the release of your Brag Pack visuals.

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