OnSite Tours Present Properties at their Highest Value

No matter the location or scale.
Whether you’re selling, leasing or making available to all —
OnSite Tours are the #1 means to showcase your property’s greatest market value.

Captivating High Lux Visuals

Your property videos will be unmatched

There are two crucial elements to showcasing any property of grandeur — A magnificent property, and visuals that leave viewers drooling. Potential buyers or renters need to get a clear image of the level of lavishness they’re going to experience in your property. Give them an experience as vivid as being there in person.

Luxury OnSite Tour Examples:


“This looks absolutely gorgeous!
You guys did a fantastic job.
We look forward to working with you on our next project.”

Diane Kingshill



The Nuts & Bolts

How does it work?

OnSite Tours consists of a single video or multiple videos which combine many complicated elements into one lean, simple solution for the customer. Much of the heavy lifting that traditionally burdens customers are now handled silently in the background by our production team.
The Anatomy of an OnSite Tour: OnSite Tours consist of footage and action shots to highlight key property features, music to set the correct mood, and a call to action to tell viewers what to do next.

  • Feature List

    5 – 15 aspects of the property which adds high value to the property — i.e. bedroom, living room, pool, spas, amenities, etc.

  • Aerial & Ground Action Shots

    Visuals captured to showcase all of the features in the Property Feature List.

  • Call to Action

    What do you want viewers to do? Buy the property? Complete a lease application? Go to a website? Sign up for an in personal tour? There are countless options. Be specific and mobilize your audience.

Interior / Exterior & Aerial Action Shots

Don’t settle for one or the other. OnSite Tours incorporate both ground & aerial footage to maximize your property’s impression on prospects.

3 – 5 Day Turnaround

We understand the need to quickly get your property ready to market. Our streamline processes render deliverables to you within days — not weeks.

Final cost does not include travel expenses.
If outside the Houston city limits gas per mile will be added.
If traveling outside Houston, airfare and accommodations must be provided.

Turn-around time for a completed video is typically 3-5 days from final filming day.

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