Center For Houston’s Future

Center for Houston’s Future (CHF) engaged 37 regional leaders in the CHF Business/Civic Leadership Forum. CHF works to solve the region’s toughest problems through meaningful research, innovative strategies, and diverse leadership. In particular, the Education Innovation Team shared deep-dive findings on matters critical to the future of education for Houston and surrounding areas.

A Journey of Learning & Discovery

Present the Vision was approached by the CHF’s Education Innovation team to make a 3 ½ minute visual highlighting some of their findings from their ‘Journey in Education.’ Opening up their presentation, the visual instantly engaged the audience and simultaneously raised the bar for all presentations delivered at the forum.

Setting the Stage

Present the Vision is honored to play a role in this significant occasion.
Our visual set the perfect stage to demonstrate how educators of all walks of  life can band together and explore new techniques to improve student learning.

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