Elite Dental Wellness

Houston Dentist, Dr. Ashandra Batiste welcomes everyone to their new dental experience.

Overcoming the Common Fears

Finding the right dentist is never an easy task.

Fear, anxiety, and finances are just a few facets that traditionally deter us all from those much needed visits to the dentist.  

Dr. Batiste and her staff at Elite Dental Wellness have found a viable fix to the common dentist anx.

Clear Objectives

The mission was clear: produce a package of visuals which exhibits Elite Dental Wellness’ fun environment, high level of professionalism, and of course Dr. Batiste’s undeniable charm.

To meet these objectives, Elite Dental Wellness hired only the best for the job, Present The Vision.

Flexible Media

The package of visuals were shot and edited to meet our client’s goals.

The visuals are slated to be promoted on the Elite Dental Wellness’ site, throughout social media, and on television via their Comcast ad campaign.

Real Results

The feedback from both Dr. Batiste and the new customer base gained from these visuals is astounding.

Present The Vision is honored to be instrumental in Elite Dental Wellness’ promo launch.

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