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Houston’s Largest Halloween Party isImpacting lives in a Fanatical Way.
Discover how 1,000+ costumed party-goers embodied the spirit of giving for Halloween.

The Fanatics’ Mission

With such a new and fascinating concept, Fanatical Change’s mission must be told in a manner that’s either extremely concise, easily digestible, or forges an emotional connection with its audience —
Our solution achieved all three.

Zander’s Story

October 26 – 4-year-old Zander on the way to go to Old McDonald’s farm to celebrate his birthday. They were making a left turn when a speeding motorcyclist didn’t see them turning and slammed into the right rear of their SUV. The force of the impact projected the helmeted motorcyclist through the window right where Zander was strapped to his car seat. Zander was rushed to the hospital but died on Tuesday. Zander leaves behind his mother, his little brother and his brand new baby sister. This inconsolable family is facing not only the unimaginable loss of a child, but crippling funeral expenses and medical bills.

Ramiro Macedo & Paula Lopez

October 27 -Around 11:00 PM two unknown men came to the house of hard-working Ramiro Macedo. They pulled the wife outside at gunpoint, threatened Ramiro, and demanded the rest of the children come downstairs. During the course of the struggle Ramiro and 16-year-old Paula were shot. The assailants made off with some items and fled in the family’s SUV which was later found torched. Ramiro is now in ICU and Paula has undergone surgery for a gun shot wound in the hip. The wife and 2 other small children are OK but traumatized and afraid to be at home.

Mission accomplished

It’s one thing to state your company’s mission. It’s something else entirely to capture the very essence of your mission and pack it into over 30 minutes of videos. It’s something even more to build a website which enhances the user experience and guide them to donate money, volunteer, or sponsor a fundraiser.

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