Grits Co.

Grits Co., the vintage Southern lifestyle brand, lives by one code…
“No Grits! No Glory!”: The new unspoken mantra for large untapped markets.

No Grits!
No Glory!

We rode out to Austin’s legendary Lonestar Roundup, with lifestyle brand Grits Co., to document the success of their pop-up-shop at the car show’s gigantic swap meet. Amongst the chaos of live music, tons of vintage cars, custom hot rods and hundreds of competing vendors, Grits Co.’s merchandise placed its stamp on the minds of tens of thousands of shoppers and passersby.

Gritty Brag Pack

Our mission was to record visuals and audio that showcase Grits Co.’s success in gaining more members for their “Grits Tribe”. Mission accomplished! Present The Vision has produced two separate promotional videos of Grits Co. “grinding” away as they continue to make their mark within the vintage and custom car market. The first promotional video better connects Grits Co. with self proclaimed members of  the “Grits Tribe” and new potential customers. The second video is geared towards building better business relationships for Grits Co.’s growth and expansion.

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