Wainerdi Wellness Institute

The Dr. Richard E. Wainerdi Wellness Institute is committed to closing the ever widening
health disparities that exist in the Houston Community.

Building Upon A Great Legacy

The Dr. Richard E. Wainerdi Wellness Institute focuses first and foremost on the health goals of the community.

The Institute’s mission is to address health disparities and medical underservice by providing programs, resources, and doctors to help communities avoid and overcome preventable diseases.

The New Mission

During Dr. Wainerdi’s tenure as President, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer at the world-renowned Texas Medical Center, the campus has increased dramatically by almost any measurement – number of acres, patient count, number of employees and students, and the total investment in the physical plant and in the amount of money in research grants.

From Houston to Washington D.C.

Present The Vision is fortunate to be entrusted with building the brand for the wellness facility bearing Dr. Wainerdi’s namesake.

Our work with Wainerdi Wellness Institute has already been recognized by Vice President Joe Biden for its work in raising healthcare awareness in underserved communities.

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